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EV Autos : Fighting pollution and gender inequality together

Delhi’s fight against air pollution has always been a headline. However, the recent initiative by the Delhi government has gotten the attention of every political party. The Transport department of Delhi government will be commemorating a flag-off ceremony to boost the number of EV Autos on the roads of Delhi. This ceremony is not a casual ceremony to promote the purchase of Electric vehicles.

The Delhi Government in the presence of Sh. Kailash Gahlot (the transport minister) will start a mission to fight a battle against inequality, unemployment, pollution and inflation.

This initiative offers 33% reserved E-autos to women which will be specially coloured in the lilac shade. The transport department website carries all the information regarding the allotment of E-autos to the women of the society.

Delhi government is providing a subsidy of ₹ 30,000 on each E-auto via the existing Delhi Electric Vehicle policy. The government is also offering a 5% additional interest rebate through the portal. This initiative will encourage people to buy E-autos and promote employment. comes as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to start using the alternatives of pollution-producing machines, appliances, vehicles, etc. The initiative by the Delhi government to introduce the highest number of electric autos will contribute toward green energy. These E-autos have 0% emission and fulfil several other needs like unemployment. In the end, a single charge can cover approximately 160 km in one go.

The initiative, if implemented properly, will help Delhi to overcome the extreme air pollution levels. If you are someone who wants to take advantage of this scheme, you can get all the details on the website of the Delhi government. It has a list of women and male applicants whose request was accepted and rejected depending on their eligibility, the e-auto allotment list, the process of registration of E-auto, etc

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